Couples Counselling in Grays

What is Couples Counselling?

Whether you’re married, in a relationship, living together, or apart, whatever your sexuality, couples counselling is an opportunity for you to focus your attention on your relationship. You will be listened to and encouraged to listen to each other. It may be that as a couple you have a specific issue that you want to address, or that you are struggling in general and finding it difficult to communicate.

Just talking to someone who isn’t involved and who will listen without judgement can be a relief. We will not tell you what to do, but will support you both in discovering how to move forward. At Heart and Mind we view you the couple, as the ‘client’, we will not take sides, or join in making one of you ‘wrong’.

Coming regularly for couples counselling will support you in discovering new ways of being with each other and creating the space to remember ‘what worked’ before.

It is important to us that Heart and Mind is a safe space for you to express yourselves, this includes a zero tolerance to verbal or physical abuse towards our therapists.